Our Programs

Compeer Atlanta has a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Our primary volunteer opportunities are:

One-to-One: Compeer One-to-One volunteers are matched in supportive friendships with individuals in the community who have a mental illness, developmental disability, or are elderly and isolated. Volunteers agree to meet with their friend for an average of an hour a week for one year. Compeer friends do whatever is of mutual interest, such as attend movies, go out to eat, shop, play cards/games, go for a walk, talk, etc.

Compeer Calling: Compeer Calling volunteers make a weekly 15 minute phone call to one of the persons on the waiting list for a One-to-One match. The friendly supportive telephone visit helps fill the gap between the time Compeer Atlanta receives a referral and a one-to-one match is made.

Paired-to-Care: Compeer Atlanta sponsors group activities throughout the year such as picnics, softball games & line dancing for our volunteers and consumers. Paired-to-Care volunteers help support these activities by providing organizational skills, refreshments, prizes, and their time.

General: Volunteers to help with PR, office work, and fundraising.